InventHelp Partners with Make-A-Wish

InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, partnered with the Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia Make-A-Wish Chapter in December 2013 to grant the wish of Lindsey, a local ten-year-old girl with a complicated heart condition requiring multiple surgeries and hospital stays. Later that month, Lindsey and her family travelled from Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, to fulfill her dream of swimming with dolphins.

Lindsey and her family were escorted through Discovery Cove by Patrick, a dolphin trainer, who started her adventure with a behind-the-scenes tour of the dolphin area. He shared interesting facts with the young girl, who aspires to one day work with animals, such as how he starts his day at 4:00 a.m. to weigh and bucket fish for the 44 dolphins in his care.

After the tour, Lindsey met her dolphin, a gentle 35-year-old male named Akai. She was able to touch and feed Akai and join him in the lagoon for belly and backside rides. Akai and his friend Roxy treated the entire family to foot pushes, in which dolphins push the feet of a person floating on his or her stomach. Lindsey’s mom said it was a bit tricky but a huge thrill.

Akai, Patrick, and Roxy were only part of the fun. Lindsey’s adventures continued throughout the day, including swimming and snorkeling with thousands and fish and stingrays, touching sharks, feeding river otters, and meeting an armadillo, a pygmy marmoset and an anteater.

In a letter to Make-A-Wish, Lindsey’s mother said, “It was a perfect day-a day none of us will forget.”

The staff and management of InventHelp are delighted to have been Wishmakers who helped make little Lindsey’s dream come true. The employees held different events throughout the month of December to raise money for Lindsey, including raffling Steelers tickets and donating $20 to wear jeans in the office for the entire month. A number of staff volunteered to help Make-A-Wish raise donations at their annual holiday drive, held at local malls in the Pittsburgh area. InventHelp matched the money raised by employees to meet the amount needed to fund Lindsey’s wish.

Last November, excited for her trip, Lindsey wrote a list for a school project of things for which she was thankful. This brave young girl’s top three were as follows:

1. I am thankful for God because he gave me an amazing life!

2. I am thankful for my family and friends because they love me for me.

3. I am thankful for Make-A-Wish for making my dream come true!

The InventHelp team is grateful and humbled to have been a part of this inspiring and touching event. The company plans to continue its partnership with Make-A-Wish and help another local child fulfil his or her dream later this year.

InventHelp is a leading inventor service company, helping inventors since 1984. Learn more about InventHelp and their invention submission services at and InventHelp, 217 9th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.


How Could I Patent My Invention Idea Online

Patenting your invention, idea or new process on the internet is not as hard as it might sound. Indeed, the arrival from the Internet has made the patent process substantially less irksome and also much more rapid. Because of cyberspace as well as the voluminous amount of information accessible on the internet, it’s now incredibly straightforward to research similar says it will your own, or even locate patent lawyers who can assist you to while using process. You can also find several service websites where you can actually file their patent online, making it easier than ever to have a patent or otherwise find the process moving along

When you use a digital patent service online, your first step may be to research your promise by determining when a similar patent already exists from a few other individual. You will find validity searches, infringement searches, licensing searches, patentability searches, assignee searches……some sites even offer an accelerated examination search to speed this process along due to the aid of massive databases.

Next up, you must decide if you would like solicit the aid of a patent lawyer to counsel you on components of the patent process that you just do not understand, or about issues you have not considered. As with any career or job area, a patent lawyer will see the intricacies and “red tape” that a new inventor may get into how the inventor her or himself may not have considered, or even had the event to learn exist! Online services normally have a wide array of lawyers these are working together with in specialty patent areas, and will refer that you one of these simple knowledgeable men or women.

There is the applying itself, the industry complex legal document and again, new inventors should seek the assistance associated with an experienced patent lawyer while preparing this document. You can find three sorts of patents which can be requested: a design patent, plant patent, or utility patent. Throughout the world of the utility patent, there are two types – provisional and non-provisional.

Most patent service websites are built to connect that you a patent attorney who could help you with the process. A search on the major search engines like google for services or online patent lawyers & services should help you get the ball rolling as you may prepare to obtain the initial patent and carry the new products or services into the world. All the best ! for your requirements!

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Use A Patent Specialist to Guard Your Product Idea

Should the US Constitution was being drafted through the leading lights of waking time, a lot of whom were legal eagles, they realised in the beginning the critical need for safeguarding the interests of people who invented pioneering products. Consequently, they made provisions for ratifying patent legislations that would don’t just encourage inventors to get pregnant with innovative products readily available on top of ground-breaking ideas but secure their to certainly capitalise off their inventions. So, for people with made a cool product or come across a scintillating idea and tend to be very confident regarding your invention’s commercial viability, then you should request patenting precisely the same. However, the process of seeking a patent is not only complex and circuitous but is costly likewise. Therefore, to be the safe side, will want in contact a patent attorney who’ll assist you with purchasing a patent by following a appropriate legal steps.

The Patent Attorney Is usually a Specialist in Patenting Laws

The patent attorney always recommends you must have a patent for your personal creation or invention. Even though you can file a patent application all by yourself, a person better off seeking an attorney at law for the exact same from your patent lawyer or attorney who competent on patenting laws. The patent attorney could be the opposite attorney who’ll but not only provide you with valuable legal counsel but in addition helps you fulfil the legal formalities for having the patent

The patent prosecution procedure entails stuffing a loan application form the place you give an exhaustive description of your respective invention and after that submitting identical at designated patent bureaus. You may be contacted with the Patent Inspector or Examiner to furnish any extra information he or she may deem fit in order to process the job. The process will in addition review whether others during the past had created a patent for the invention analogous or corresponding to yours and may scrutinise all publications and reports for similar purpose. The patent attorney as the lawyer, will effectively argue as your representative in the event the Patent Office declines you.

The Patent Application Procedure

The patent attorney is really a consummate and seasoned legal practitioner who’ll provide able representation in all of the matters attached to your patent application originating in scrupulously reviewing your draft to submitting precisely the same in the Patent Office. He’ll also help you out on the subject of making the best appeal. The patent lawyer will usually recommend you to definitely be absolutely out of the woods about three aspects that can be:-

Your invention is great and no-one else has developed anything similar in earlier times

Your invention will ultimately benefit just about anybody and is commercially feasible

The patent laws in US clearly stipulate that you can fill out an application (inside patent office) throughout the same year you invented the merchandise. The patent attorney is quite helpful to answer any worries you could have.

Work With A Patent Attorney to Guard Your Innovative Product Idea

Once the US Constitution had been drafted via the leading lights through the day, many of whom were legal eagles, they realised ahead of time the critical requirement of safeguarding the interests of the people who invented pioneering products. Consequently, they made provisions for ratifying patent legislations that may not alone encourage inventors to conceive innovative products and are avalable plan ground-breaking ideas but secure their directly to capitalise using their inventions. So, in case you have developed new service or come across a scintillating idea and tend to be very confident of your invention’s commercial viability, then you should get patenting the exact same. However, the operation of seeking a patent isn’t only complex and circuitous but is not cheap too. Therefore, to be the safe side, you have access to hold of a patent attorney who’ll give you a hand with getting a patent by adopting the appropriate legal steps.

The Patent Attorney May be a Specialist in Patenting Laws

The patent attorney always recommends that you must purchase a patent on your creation or invention. Month-to-month can always file a patent application by yourself, would certainly be more fortunate seeking a lawyer for the very same by a patent lawyer or attorney who proficient on patenting laws. The patent attorney may be the opposite attorney who’s going to not merely give you valuable legal advice but in addition helps you fulfil many of the legal formalities for obtaining the patent

The patent prosecution procedure entails re-filling a loan application form the spot where you give the full description of your own invention and next submitting precisely the same at designated patent bureaus. You may also be called upon from the Patent Inspector or Examiner to furnish any extra information that they may deem easily fit into order to process your application form. The process will review whether anybody else in earlier times had went for a patent on an invention analogous or like yours and often will scrutinise all publications and reports for a similar purpose. The patent attorney for your attorney, will effectively argue in your part when the Patent Office turns down your application.

The Patent Application Procedure

The patent attorney may be a consummate and seasoned legal practitioner who’ll provide able representation to all matters plugged into your patent application beginning from scrupulously reviewing your draft to submitting identical within the Patent Office. He’ll also guide you straight in relation to making the greatest appeal. The patent lawyer will usually recommend someone to be absolutely out of the woods three or more aspects which might be:-

Your invention is amazing and no-one else has built anything similar prior to now

Your invention may ultimately benefit just about anybody and is also commercially feasible

The patent laws in US clearly stipulate that you simply fill out an application (from the patent office) within the same year you invented the product. The patent attorney is fairly helpful answer any worries you may have.

How To Proceed When You Have An Idea For A New Invention

Lots of people have ideas they think will make great inventions. Most of the people be careful anything while using invention concept they have got. Others battle against it allow you to but never see anything arrived at fruition. Below are a few easy steps that you can experience to get those invention idea on the marketplace and after that into your hands on the user

A patent is a government granted right that enables the inventor to exclude any one from producing, using or selling the invention in the country that issued the patent. The government grants this right to help encourage inventors to devote the time, income and work to invent new products and solutions, technologies and the like.

First of all , you are likely to ought to do should be to ensure your idea had not been already patented by some other person. The full patent database is already web searchable by keyword for anybody using an Connection to the web. You need to fully familiarize the device and do a complete search to see if your idea has already been claimed by another person. Upon having established that you have the theory, free as a bird, engage a patent attorney to do a more in-depth research and then to launch a patent to suit your needs.

Once you own the patent on your own invention idea, you will must carry out a prototype and do a little chunk of market research. To obtain your invention in to the hands with the companies that can effectively promote it, you’ll need to provide them with some numbers that demonstrate how good your invention can do in the market. Even if you certainly is capable of doing this step yourself, most people hire an invention company as a way to manage it for the children.

If you want to hire an invention company, make sure that they may be legitimate. Most people taking big money by hiring an invention company that was only one fly-by-night operation. Some simple research with the Bbb and FTC website, together with seeking end-user feedback will establish the trustworthiness of the corporation for you personally Taking your invention idea in the first place for the marketplace might be a long, prolonged task. Just remember to do a little on the initial work yourself and hire people at the appropriate interval to be certain that your invention can be a hit in the market.

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Analysis For InventHelp Inventor Service Corporation

Beneath you can find a overview concerning America’s premier and most highly trained development firm. InventHelp attempts to post clients’ developments to business with the aspiration of earning a good-faith assessment, and their patent referrer services have served inventors attain around 7,000 U.S. patents. With well over 60 InventHelp stores in places all over the U . S ., Canada, England, Australia, Korea coupled with South Africa, they can talk with you face-to-face at your nearest sales office to discuss your current invention InventHelp New Product Idea Submission Service Review.

The most important reason for this post is to evaluate the strategies where by “The Invent Help People” differ from contesting designer assistance corporations. Regrettably, there are numerous deceitful players in the innovation marketplace who are going to make undocumented claims coupled with promises of success to inventors, when the truth is just the opposite – sales and profits from an invention are the exception, definitely not the rule. At any of the InventHelp spots, they take great pride in themselves with being up-front with their customers, and they take extraordinary attention to successfully ensure that their unique solution is not actually deceitful. Basically, they strive to produce trustworthy and truthful connections with their designer clients InventHelp Customer Review.

The way InventHelp Functions

What InventHelp Achieves:

· InventHelp attempts to publish clients’ product ideas to business in order to obtain a good-faith summary.

· They will refer their customers to third party patent lawyers through their own patent referrer system. Far more than 7,000 innovators have acquired patents using these services.

· InventHelp holds the yearly Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX®), The united states’ chief innovation trade extravaganza.

· They provide designers their standing up-front and accurately point out all expenses in connection with their services.

· InventHelp makes very clear that only a few innovators receive financial results because of their developments.

The things InventHelp Just Isn’t Going To Do:

· InventHelp provides absolutely no patent guidance, mainly because these kind of suggestions happen to be unacceptable except in cases where they come from a registered patent legal practitioner and / or representative. Because of this , they direct all their designer clients to private patent lawyers to execute these types of services.

· They cannot appraise products, and they don’t allow their sales reps to present opinions in regards to product concepts which prospective clients bring to their business offices. The reason being they believe that only this marketplace are able to accurately judge the merits of a specific product.

· They don’t point out or signify that an innovator will certainly make revenue from her or his concept. Seeing that only a couple of inventions are typically profitable, anybody who implies otherwise is intending to mislead you.

· InventHelp is not going to try to deceive inventors by overstating their particular accomplishments, and they’ve got no disguised service fees or illusory sliding royalty scales to encourage higher charges

Licensing Specialist Innovator Lisa Lloyd From ABC’s Television Program Shark Tank Joins Along with InventHelp®

InventHelp, America’s top rated inventor company is extremely happy to reveal the inclusion of licensing expert, Lisa Lloyd as the private, licensing counselor to the corporation. Lisa has invested more-or-less 2 decades licensing goods to well-known manufacturers like Goody Products®, Helen of Troy® and Scunci®. Her merchandise already have sold in stores all over the world and have earned close to $30M globally.

In addition to licensing her items, Lisa is actually contracted by large companies over the years to raise licenses and also expand new business. She continues to consult inventors and firms via her 20-year business, Lloyd Marketing Group, Inc. During 2007, Lisa took on a product from an inventor, TC Pets™, that she further developed and manufactured. Lisa in addition to the item were soon after showcased on the ABC reality show, Shark Tank, in which she achieved the popular funding of “Shark” Daymond John, founding father of FUBU.

“I’m thrilled to be working with InventHelp. I love the team and our shared mission to license inventions and products is a perfect synergy. I believe working together can help grow and shape our ever changing industry.” Lisa is going to be working together with InventHelp to recommend and attempt to license clients’ developments to her group of corporations. On top of licensing, she actually is also a writer, motivational presenter not to mention trainer/educator on the subjects of development. She’s already been a featured teacher at academic institutions in the united states.

InventHelp is America’s primary development distribution organisation, aiding creators since 1984. Find out more on InventHelp as well as their development syndication solutions at Distributors interested in researching supplementary inventions together with new product concepts can easily reach InventHelp’s sister licensing firm Intromark Incorporated by filling out an on-line appeal to review latest product ideas at