Tennessee Inventor to Exhibit Automated Storm Door Closer at INPEX Invention Trade Show

InventHelp’s INPEX, America’s Largest Invention Trade Show, announces that Edward Knittel, from Trenton, Tenn., has invented an electronic way to close a storm door automatically. This provisionally-patented invention will be exhibited at INPEX 2013, June 19-21, in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The “Automated Storm Door Closer” would automatically hold open a storm door on a home or building and close it automatically when the doorway is cleared. It would be convenient when carrying packages or small children into or out of the house and for people with limited mobility.

The invention would be a direct, do-it-yourself replacement of the existing closer. When the door is opened, it would hold itself open until the doorway is cleared; then an electronic circuit would close the door. This would also eliminate the storm door slamming shut, trapping fingers or items in the door.

The inventor designed the invention because he wanted to improve on the existing storm doors on the market. “I’ve worked in home improvement for many years, and I am aware of the sore points of storm doors,” said Knittel. “This is the age of electronic gadgetry, so why not automate the closer?”

Knittel is exhibiting at INPEX with the hopes of finding a manufacturer or licensee.

INPEX, The Invention Show, is a unique trade show that showcases new products and innovations that are available to business and industry to manufacture, license or distribute http://www.bbb.org/pittsburgh/business-reviews/product-development-and-marketing/inventhelp-in-pittsburgh-pa-715. As part of the trade show, The Invention Show sponsors INPEX Inventors University™, a series of seminars, presentations, and panel discussions to provide information that inventors may find useful in pursuing their ideas. INPEX 2013 will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh.

INPEX is a service of InventHelp®, America’s largest invention submission company. For more information about this inventor or INPEX, call 888-54-INPEX http://www.inpex.com or visit http://claimid.com/inventhelp


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